On Physiology And Homeostasis

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Basics first! Here’s what I learned in Nursing School about the composition of our bodies: “The sum of fluids within all the body compartments constitutes total body water (TBW) which is about 60% of body weight in adults (Huether, McCance, 2016).” The body of an adult weighing 70kg or 154lbs would then consist of 42 liters of fluid or total body water and about 28 liters of other substances that make up fat, muscle and bones. Of course the proportions are individually based and differ from person to person depending on many factors such as their body mass index that may be lower and higher as caused by yet another layer of factors such as nutrition and exercise.

If 60% of our bodies is total body water and we know water to be made out of hydrogen and oxygen (H2O) and is an excellent conductor of energies including electricity and other forces such as hydrostatic pressure, light waves and sound frequencies than we should be able to acknowledge truths with capital T about the consequences that such forces have on our ‘health’.

This is a good time to mention that my definition of ‘health’ does not equal the absence of illness or disease. Health in my definition is a holistic definition that equals balance. In scientific terms this is ‘homeostasis’. Homeostasis is well documented in the physiology of the body. Pathophysiology is the study of the physiology that is not in homeostasis. In plain words, illness or disease is defined as out of balance body composition and cellular processes.

Now, bear with me for another few minutes. Homeostasis is health. Right? Because it means all is in balance. The body has been studied through logic, rationale, observation, experiments and so on. We know what disease looks like, we know what a state of homeostasis looks like in the body. What we don’t know or don’t understand fully yet, is how the state of not being in homeostasis begins, what causes it exactly, nor do we know it’s precise course. Many of the current medical procedures and therapies have begun their existence through serendipity. And yet, all of that has been researched and documented in the pursuit of a better understanding of the human condition. However, what has been studied so far, is only what can be perceived through the five senses. We do know that the knowledge is lacking and there are way many more aspects to how our bodies react to a plethora of other interferences from our environments including the things that we can not define or perceive with our five senses. It is yet to be done that academic research would take place on the effects of forces that we can not yet define on our bodies. However, there is a decent amount of evidence that not only chemical elements and substances have an effect on the body but also factors and forces that are described by physics and least popular in academia, quantum physics.

Light, sound, taste, smell, touch – all can be manipulated to have positive and negative influences on our physiology. It can be said that focused manipulation could bring a body out of homeostasis or perhaps back to homeostasis. But how? Well, we are yet to discover the processes that are responsible for that, perhaps in another lifetime.

Connecting the dots: everything has an influence on our bodies balance or misbalance, but we do not know the names of all the things that influence it. In fact even some of the things that have been proven are found unacceptable by science to be integrated in the holistic care of us humans. So far we only accept therapies and treatments that we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch and that change our chemistry in ways that we can see, hear smell, taste and touch. Our knowledge and willingness to accept the truth with capital T is limited to our five senses until we start solidifying the body of evidence that there are more than five senses.

It is my belief that any state that is not defined as homeostasis, or what we call illness or disease, is not just the sum of chemical reactions on the cellular level but the sum of all interactions of forces that we can and can not perceive. Until we are able to accept that health is a total approach including just as much attention to the mind and the soul as it does to the physical body, many of our diseases and illnesses will remain great mysteries in how they come into existence and how they can be treated.


With love, in Light, for Peace,

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Reference: Huether, Sue, Kathryn McCance. Understanding Pathophysiology, 6th Edition. Mosby, 02/2016. 



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