3 Methods Of Nurturing Yourself

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When I wrote about the 5 top causes of Depression, I named Nurturing, or better said the lack thereof as my top cause for depression.

What is Nurturing? Let’s start with the definition of the word according to the well respected Oxford Dictionary. Nurturing is a verb and a noun. As a verb the word ‘nurturing’ stands for: to care for and protect someone or something while they are growing. Also it stands for: to help and encourage the development of someone or something. As well as: to cherish a hope, belief or ambition. As a noun the word ‘nurturing’ stands for: the action or process of nurturing someone or something. It also stands for: upbringing, education, and environment, contrasted with inborn characteristics as an influence on or determinant of personality.

In short, nurturing is together with nature, what made us, you and I and everyone else and everything else on the entire planet.

I would like to mention here the origin of the word as it adds to the clarification of what nurture is. It’s origins are found in the Old French noureture ‘nourishment’ and is based on Latin nutrire ‘feed, cherish’.

From the definition of the word, the three ways to nurturing oneself can be said to be a combination of the following:

  • caring for yourself while growing and developing
  • protecting yourself while growing and developing
  • helping yourself to grow and develop
  • encouraging yourself to grow and develop
  • cherishing the hope, belief or ambition to grow and develop
  • bringing yourself up, educating yourself
  • feeding yourself to grow and develop
  • cherishing yourself while growing and developing

As you noted I am not involving a third party, someone or something to nurture you yet. That is essential in itself but so is the nurturing of the self by yourself.

So how can you nurture yourself? Here are my 3 methods I wanted to give you:

Mother Yourself

Think of a mother nurturing a child! That is exactly the essence of nurturing yourself. Taking care of yourself, your growth and development as the best mother in the world would do. Bottomline is that you can be your own nurturer and treat yourself in the most kind and loving and patient way as a baby is nurtured by a warm and loving mother. A loving mother takes care of the basic needs of her baby so that the bundle of joy that the baby naturally is has nothing to fuss about. Food, shelter, safety, physical attention, play, giggles, patience, routine, cleanliness, medical care, fresh air, and so on, are all part of the nurturing package. Do things for yourself just like the best mother in the world would do for her baby. Eat well, regular and nutrients packed food. Hydrate your body properly. Improve your body care and body routine. Take long soothing showers, wear clean clothes, groom yourself. Take time to rest and relax, quiet time is what I like to call this. Avoid loud noises and distractions and allow your body, mind and soul some calm and peace. Be patient with yourself and delight in the process of growing and developing into the kind, loving, wise and healthy being that you have the right to be. Cherish yourself and your life, you are unique, you possess gifts of your own and you are important to the world in many ways small and big. You are a child of the Universe, no less than the tree and the Stars. You have the right to be here. And whether you can see it clearly or not, the Universe is unfolding as it should be.”

Meditate, pray, and focus on your own growth, health, development

You are your biggest fan and cheerleader. Yes, others are important in your life and we will talk about that too in another post. For now I want you to focus on you. Bring your attention to you, to your own being, to your own body, mind and soul. Meditate on small and big questions. What do you need right now to grow, to be healthy, to develop positively? How can you support yourself in your process? What steps can you take to nurture yourself in all your dimensions? Perhaps you need a regular spiritual routine to strengthen your inner wisdom and intuition to choose what is best for you at all times. Or perhaps you need new tools, new experiences, new teachings. Which tool, experience, or teaching do you want to have first? Which will impact your growth, health and development, in the most profound and positive way? Choose them one by one and immerse your body, mind and soul in everything that will help you grow, be healthy and develop.

Be patient, give yourself time

This is one of the most challenging tasks we experience in these era where we are used to have everything happen yesterday and instant gratification is what we know as being a satisfying experience. Here is a piece of wisdom you may already posses or otherwise that may help you think further. Instant gratification, as much as it is a great ‘feel-good’ reward, is as fragile and temporary as superficial things can be. To achieve gratification that is there to stay, you must be patient and give it time. Guiding yourself while growing and developing is a life-long process. You will go fast sometimes, at times you may go slow and other times you will stand still. All of this is natural and part of the process that in fact never ends. Becoming a better version of yourself is a life long work and the best time investment you can make. The consequences and influences your work on yourself will have may very well transcend times and generations. You are a much larger being that you think you are, you are more powerful than you think you are, and your life is connected to everyone and everything on the planet. Growing and developing is your path, you never cease to do these things. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you will relax and enjoy your progress, in the solid knowing that all is good as it is.


With Love, In Light, For Peace,

Yours Truly,





  1. You have nailed it, your take on nurturing yourself was mind blowing. All you wrote is very true. We have do ourselves the favor of bettering ourselves every single day. God bless what you doing, am glad am following you. From ofesinsight.com


  2. You have nailed it, your take on nurturing yourself was mind blowing. All you wrote is very true. We have do ourselves the favor of bettering ourselves every single day. God bless what you doing, am glad am following you. From http://www.ofesinsight.com


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