My Top 5 Causes Of Depression

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In the United States alone, Depression is one of the major illnesses that affects millions of people. It is a worldwide epidemic that continues to grow despite that the facilitators for conventional therapies such as psychologic, psychiatric, and pharmaceutical therapies are growing as well. One should wonder how come that in such a wealthy first world country where sources are widely available, depression is on the rise.

If you read my post on the senses where I briefly touch on the concept of more than the 5 senses we acknowledge scientifically, I mention that perhaps there are more than 5 senses and definitions as well as solid knowledge is yet to be organized. The concept goes further to include that our body physiology and homeostasis of chemical balances on a cellular level is not influenced only by substances that enter our cells. They are affected by physics and quantum physics forces as well. Light, sound, smell, taste, and touch do affect the physiology of our bodies. Here is a simple example: say that you smell a field of lavender – memories may be triggered and a feeling of calm and peace may be triggered. On a physiologic level, feelings have their own unique chemical composition. Most people are familiar with the term ‘hormones’. Hormones are in fact chemical messengers or molecules that are set to action by various forces to transmit information to our brains. Such is the case in the example I provided: the lavender smell is transmitted to the brain by chemical messengers that have been triggered into action. The transmission of the lavender smell once it is completed, will cause other reactions on a physiologic, cellular level, in the brain. And then the brain will cause other reactions and finally our feelings are thus the result of all these communications on a cellular level. The example of the lavender smell is easy to illustrate. Just as this works or is set to action, so do other less tangible triggers affect our body physiology by simple communication: trigger or message is received by chemical messengers that bring it to the brain where it is translated into a body state that may be labeled as positive, negative or neutral. This is how other forces work as well. Sounds, tastes, sights, sensory touch all affect the body physiology.

Other than nutrition and exercise that are essential for our health, so are other factors.

Humans are social beings. They need groups around them that validate and acknowledge their existence in a nourishing and supportive way providing us with a sense of purpose and belonging. The energies we receive from contact with others or the lack of contact with others all affect the body physiology. The sound of a kind voice has a different effect on our bodies than does the total absence of it or the sound of screams and harsh words. When exposed to these factors for longer periods of time, our hormones household will adapt and our baseline will be changed. When our bodies receive regular positive energies from others we have what it takes to flourish. When our bodies receive regular negative energies from others we do not flourish but rather wither. Absence of positive factors has similar effects, our bodies whither. Bodies that are withering do not house feelings of wellbeing but rather those that add up to depression.

Scientifically speaking, pharmaceuticals change our body chemistries. Anti-depressants for example need time for the body to adjust and change it’s physiology over a period of time. The chemical composition of our brain cells changes literally with exposure to substances. This process is called adaptation and it is well documented. This is the reason why doctors will tell you that a new anti-depressant you are taking will need some weeks to reach full effectiveness. The brain literally adjusts. And then it needs to be kept to that same level of functioning otherwise simply said if you stop providing your body with the chemicals that changed it’s physiology, the body will adjust again to adapt for the lack of those extra chemicals.

The same concept applies to less tangible forces and factors: the brain adapts. The brain adapts to sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touches. Depending on the quality of those factors affecting our senses, the brain will adapt it’s chemistry and thus on a cellular level we are either filled with positive, neutral or negative influences. Entire books have been written on the subject of the brain being capable of adjusting and even re-wiring connections. If you are interested in the subject, you can look up more information on brain plasticity, or neuroplasticity, or neural plasticity.

You get where I am going with all this perhaps. Once we become aware of the basic concepts of how our bodies function we become aware of how our environment and experiences contribute to the sense of wellbeing or the lack thereof. We can manipulate the interactions we have with anything, including our own created energy that is interlinked.

Positive affirmations for example can be looked at in the same way that we look at anti-depressants. Anti-depressants result in the brain adaptation on a chemical level. Positive affirmations result in brain adaptation on a chemical level as well. Our bodies are largely made up of water which is a conductor of sound frequencies, light waves, electricity and so on. In a large study done by Dr. Masaro Emoto, it has been shown that negative affirmations will change the appearance of water as do positive affirmations. So, it’s quite simple, isn’t it? When your body is consistently exposed to negative affirmations, your body composition has no other choice but to adapt in a negative way. And when your body is consistently exposed to positive affirmations, your body composition will thus have no other choice but to adapt in a positive way. Let’s say that you think “I hate myself” – your body will react to that and change being filled with hate. When you think “I love myself” – your body will react to that and change being filled with love. Now both these affirmations, take a similar amount of time to apply, however, the effect is as contrasting as black and white is. Hopefully it has become more clear with these examples and illustrations that our bodies have no choice but to adjust to whatever they are exposed to and to whatever they are being given by the self, others, or our environment.

I chose 5 things that are known to cause your body to change with results that translate into your well-being or the lack of it. What makes our bodies flourish and keep depression at bay?

  • Nurturing
  • Validation
  • Inclusion
  • Purpose
  • Growth

I plan to elaborate on each one of these in future posts in order to provide you some ideas on how to increase these energies so that your body is exposed to more and more goodness and positivity to allow it to change to a state that is balanced.


With Love, In Light, For Peace,

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  1. Excellent. Thank you . The fill-in word for your text about Affirmations and science (your quote:”In a large study done by doctor…. it has been shown that negative affirmations will change the appearance of water as do positive affirmations.” ) would be Dr. Masaru Emoto.

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