Searching for Happiness and The Giving Tree

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This is one of my favorite books for children. I find the teachings in it true to their core and containing the very essence of the relentless search for happiness. It is about giving as well, you can give and give and give, but make sure you do not lose yourself in trying to make someone else happy.

And you can delay your happiness thinking you will be happy when you achieve this one thing, or get that other thing, but the lesson is that chasing an illusion outside of yourself will wear you out until the very end.

Although it is a book in the category for children and I can vouch for my 6 year old daughter that loves it, it is oh so appropriate for everyone.

I’ve given many copies as gifts to friends and I highly recommend it as a precious book that belongs in your collection.

The Giving Tree, by Shell Silverstein 


With Love, In Light, For Peace,

Yours Truly,



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